Investor Relations

Hayden Financial Corporation

We custom design our proactive campaigns to strengthen each client’s presence in the investment community by disseminating breaking news and fundamental positions to key decision makers, servicing existing shareholders, and soliciting institutional coverage.

Hayden Financial Corp. offers you the ability to build a strong, long-term shareholder base and achieve full stock valuation.


Client Orientation (1st month)
Assess your company’s position in the financial community, including analyst and media coverage.


Identify your target audience 
Leverage our proprietary database and conduct peer analysis to identify those investors and analysts who are active in your industry.


Database Management 
Hayden Financial Corp. utilizes a database which contains over 50,000 qualified small-cap institutional and individual investors, buy and sell-side analysts, brokers, market makers, financial journalists, and newsletter publishers. This database is constantly updated and cleaned to ensure quality leads.

Review, analyze, and further develop your company’s existing investor package.
Prepare new prospecting database – encompassing shareholders, peer investors, brokers, analysts, financial journalists, newsletter publishers, and investment clubs.
Develop a corporate overview and website highlighting your company’s fundamental strengths and latest developments


Addressing shareholder, media, and analyst inquiries.


Individual Shareholder Relations
Hayden Financial Corp. addresses the needs of your individual shareholders by explaining your corporate developments and financials in a manner appropriate to each investor’s level of sophistication.

Providing effective crisis communications management.


Creating Interest (2nd and 3rd months)
Producing and distributing investor packages, press releases, corporate overviews, and customized website


News Dissemination
Timely distribution strategies are the key to communicating news. We deliver your announcements to influential members of the financial community and media via wire services, fax, mail, email, and the World Wide Web.


Financial Advertising
Hayden Financial Corp. optimizes advertising results by adhering to a sound cost/benefit analysis. We run ads in leading financial publications such as Investors Business Daily.


Web Design/Hosting
Hayden Financial Corp. will assist the client to create and market a website to communicate your company’s fundamental strengths and prospects. This will be hyperlinked to high-traffic Internet sites which attract a large audience of qualified investors. Close contact with the online investment community provides critical exposure to this active audience.


Meetings with the Investment Community
Hayden Financial Corp. will cross-reference its databases to identify those decision makers whose specific parameters correspond with your company. Group and one-on-one meetings offer you the critical opportunity to meet with an expansive network of industry leaders.


Conference Calls with Management 
Hayden Financial Corp. organizes conference calls which enable you to discuss financial earnings and corporate developments with key members of the investment community. We actively market the conference calls to increase participation.

We utilize phone networking to establish a working relationship with key members of your target audience analysts, newsletter publishers, and brokers.


Networked Partner
Hayden Financial Corp. leverages strong relationships with members of the financial media, newsletter publishers, and analysts to expand third-party coverage of its clients.

We run cost-effective advertising in those financial publications, radio and television stations, and websites that have proven to yield strong response.


Gathering Results (4th and 5th months)

  • Input and analyze responses from marketing efforts to further define your company’s target audience.
  • Place follow-up phone calls to answer inquiries and strengthen relationships with key members of your target audience.
  • Phone networking to target investment firms identify qualified candidates for group meetings.
  • Solicit buy recommendations, analysis, opinion, and coverage from investment advisers, industry analysts, and financial news services.
  • Disseminate continued updates and breaking news to your company’s target list by means of fax, mail, e-mail, and the World Wide Web.


Renewing the Plan of Action (6th month)
Review the effectiveness of the initial investor relations campaign designed for your company. Modify and improve the campaign as necessary to maximize results and focus on cost-effective strategies.  Implement renewed plan of action while continuing to disseminate updates/breaking news and corporate developments.