Our Team

Rudy W. De La Garza

Rudy W. De La Garza is President and CEO of FD Financial, Mr. De La Garza has been in the business financial consulting industry for over 45 years. He has sat on the board of directors of many companies where he has brought to the table his leadership and management skills, as well as his corporate public formation knowledge.

Rudy has conducted numerous business seminars both nationally and internationally. In 2006 he was invited to China to speak about taking Chinese companies public in the United States. He traveled to seven major cities throughout China where he presented seminars to city leaders and key CEO’s. Rudy was also interviewed on China.com in Beijing which aired live throughout China.

Mr. De La Garza’s expertise lies in his ability to look at any business entity, define its objective, outline a plan of action and then assimilate the best professional team of attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors to meet those objectives.