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For over twenty years, FD Financial, Inc. (FDF), a Texas Corporation, has been providing specialized consulting services to both private and public held companies. FDF has concentrated on capital funding of public companies as well as taking companies to the public market. By retaining experts in the industry as consultants not employees, FDF has been able to keep its overhead low passing this savings on to its clients.

In fact, FD Financial Inc.’s rates are consistently lower than that of its nearest competitor, while still providing its clients with the professional services they expect. Thanks to the Internet Superhighway, FDF has been providing services to its clients all over the world. FDF has the expertise to aid its clients in corporate strategy for growth and financial stability.


Our services include
     – Review and structure a company for raising capital.
     – Oversee the offering documents.
     – Provide a PCAOB registered Auditor and coordinate with the Company’s lead person during its audit.
     – Provide a letter of opinion from legal counsel on the tradability of the shares.
     – Apply for and receive the company’s CUSIP number.
     – Arrange for a transfer agent for the Company’s stock.
     – File required documents with the SEC via EDGAR.
     – Complete and file with the SEC the registration form statement.
     – Provide Market Makers for the Company stock.
     – Get the Company’s form 2-11 pursuant to rule 15c2-11 information statement filed with the
          Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
     – Assist with replying to all comments to the SEC, FINRA and Market Maker.
     – Obtain a stock trading symbol for the Company.
     – File required documents with DTC eligibility for electronic trading.
     – File Blue Sky trading requirements.


One requirement of a private company wishing to become public is it must be able to produce an audit to include a history of its shareholders. Keeping a publicly held company qualified with the SEC is both vital and complex. The misfiling of one report or a badly chosen word in a press release could cause irrevocable harm with your company’s ability to continue trading publicly.


FD Financial, Inc. has the experience needed to get the job done.