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Should your Company Qualify? 

From start to finish get your

Private company trading on a

U. S. Exchange.


Both the registration and/or the merger can raise up to $40,000 in capital before becoming a public trading company.  This is a special offer, the 30K will allow us to raise the balance necessary to pay for the shell and any additional capital requirements.

In most situations, Registration, Revers mergers in OTC-BB or Small Cap, FD Financial, Inc. can help you raise the capital you require for becoming a public company.

If you believe your company would qualify, send me your supporting documents.

Rudy W. De La Garza
President and CEO
FD Financial, Inc.
3463 Magic Drive, Suite #137
San Antonio, Texas 78229

Call 866-6104332 ex 301 or email

  • Once your company is public FD Financial, Inc. offers through our security attorney your entire reporting requirements.
  • FD Financial Inc., with its Public Relations department, can help get the word out, in a professional manner, about your company.  PR drives investors to Investor Relations.
  • FD Financial, Inc. can make sure when the investors start calling that they get the right information about your company and its future.

Our services include:

  • Shell Due diligence
  • Apply for and receive the company’s CUSIP number.
  • Arrange for a transfer agent for the Company’s stock.
  • File required documents with the SEC via EDGAR.
  • Complete and file with the SEC the registration form statement.
  • Provide Market Makers for the Company stock.
  • Get the Company’s form 2-11 pursuant to rule 15c2-11 information statement filed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
  • Assist with replying to all comments to the SEC, FINRA and Market Maker.
  • Obtain a stock trading symbol for the Company.
  • File required documents with DTC eligibility for electronic trading.
  • PR-Oversee and run a public relation campaign.
  • IR-answer all questions for the investor and make sure they receive all documentation requested.
  • Find a PCAOB registered Auditor for your company
  • Apply for any of company’s Blue Sky requirements.


Note:  PCAOB registered Auditor or Blue Sky is not included